What Have Been the Key Gaming Trends of The Past Decade?

What Have Been the Key Gaming Trends of The Past Decade?

Gaming is constantly evolving. Whether it’s a new multiplayer feature or a new version of battle royale, games have evolved a lot in the past decade. The past 10 years have been marked by huge technological advancements, which make games today look better than ever. Some, like Red Dead Redemption 2, are literally real-life simulators with photorealistic graphics.

And it’s not just visuals. The past decade has brought major changes in the way games are developed, distributed, and played. That’s all thanks to the emergence of different trends that have brought all types of games as close as possible to video games.

Below are the key gaming trends that have changed the way we play games for good.

Esports Boom

There’s no question that the rise of Esports completely turned things around in the gaming industry. Streaming incredible feats on Twitch by players such as Tyler ‘Ninja’ Blevins has made games such as Fortnite massive hits even though they’re free to play. The Esports boom has led to a massive shift in game distribution and gave many players great ideas on how to make money by broadcasting their games.

It also led to the creation of numerous million-or-higher tournaments that have completely changed the video games industry.

What Have Been the Key Gaming Trends of The Past Decade?

Casino Games

Casino games have grown a lot in the past decade. Try a slot from 10 years ago and a new title today and you’ll notice the differences. Slots today you can play at the Dunder casino have all but closed the gap with video games. They look fantastic, play great, and even come with boss fights depending on the slot you’re spinning.

The massive variety of casino slots and games has pushed the industry to compete with video games. This kind of push has made slots much better, and is reflected in the hundreds of slot games released every month.

VR Expansion

Everyone’s trying to ride the virtual reality wave right now. The first video games with VR were simply remakes until Valve decided to release a new Half Life game made completely in VR. HL: Alyx was a great ride, but more importantly, it showed a glimpse into the future of gaming.

While it’s still too expensive, VR technology will definitely be important in the future. It’s the kind of gaming we’ve all dreamed of for long, and thanks to games such as HL: Alyx, we may get to it sooner than expected.

What Have Been the Key Gaming Trends of The Past Decade?What Have Been the Key Gaming Trends of The Past Decade?

New Storytelling Techniques

Linear storytelling is a thing of the past. Modern video games have made leaps and bounds in terms of narrative. Thanks to games such as The Last of Us, storytelling isn’t a niche anymore. It made a big move toward the mainstream, which is why TV studios are looking to adopt games in to shows.

The strength of relationships and choices that have serious implications have made developers rethink their storytelling strategies. You can even choose your own adventure in games such as Life Is Strange, something we couldn’t even dream of in the past. As a result, games are becoming more personal, and of course, much better.