The Dispersed Hotel Concept by Enso Ango [Kyoto]

Blending in Like a Local with the Rhythm of the City

The landscape of the hotel experiences is ever changing and Japan being a destination that primes for the unusual and the new is a perfect spot for a concept that was grown in Italy but that fits perfectly with the Japanese way of hosting.

Enso Ango is a dispersed hotel concept that hosts its guests in dispersed locations that are all near each other, promoting an interesting and healthy immersion into local culture. Guests are inspired to ‘leave’ their hotel for the most ordinary tasks – often having breakfast or dinner in a different building, making the experience involving a little more effort then the usual hotel. With five separate locations around the center of Kyoto, one of my favorites and most gorgeous cities in Japan, the idea here is to immerse guests in the local energy and rhythm. An afternoon drink ‘at the hotel’ means a few minutes stroll down the street to the hotel bar watching life flourish in all its authenticity.

The first hotel of its genre in Japan, Enso Ango is different not only in its approach to hosting but also to experiencing Kyoto, here guests are invited to explore meditation sessions with Buddhist monks from Kenninji Temple – a must do site in Kyoto with stunning gardens, gold leaf ancient zen art and located in the core of Gion, the otherworldly geisha district.


An inside tip: don’t miss a very sophisticated sushi bar in Kyoto called Hananoi, just by the temple walls in a little alleyway – a true out of this world sushi experience. The Uni sushi [urchin] was divine! They don’t have any digital presence, but any in-the-know concierge in town should be able to book you a space.

The Japanese culture fascinates me: the food, the dress, the manners and the traditions. It’s the travel experience that has moved me the most.

Roman Coppola

Other experiences are obanzai, home-style cooking classes, guided night runs passing by the Kamogawa River, yoga, tatami mat workshops and talks from local artists.

Combining the beloved Japanese minimalism with traditional design, the buildings are a showcase of traditional interior gardens, modern furniture and fittings, tearooms and a tatami salon for meditation. The character of the buildings is in a way as enchanting as the location and interior décor: classical Machiya houses transformed into modern living yet retaining their heritage.

Kyoto in itself is a dream – a city that will stay with travelers for a lifetime. Traveling to Japan is a must go. The opportunity now to feel like a local in this magical city is one that is cared for and provided by the Enso Ango dispersed hotel concept – a chance that any seasoned traveler should seize.


Enso Ango Kyoto