What is the next big leap in online gaming?

What is the next big leap in online gaming?

We have witnessed some fantastic developments in online and mobile technology in recent years. When you think back to when the only game available on your old Nokia phone was Snake, the devices have developed at an incredible rate. The latest Android and iOS devices show you what can be achieved with a mobile phone today. The stunning graphics, sound quality, and powerful processors mean online and mobile gaming have never been in a better place. 

Connectivity has also improved recently, as 5G has appeared, making things ten times faster. This will also ensure a smoother gameplay experience for those wanting to play casino games on the go via their mobile device. With 5G already rolling out at a fast pace, what is going to be the next big thing in online gaming?

What is the next big leap in online gaming?

Virtual Reality

If you are a gaming fan, you will undoubtedly have been aware of the prospect of a fully immersive experience. For decades, virtual reality has teased people with the idea of being totally immersed in their own virtual universe. However, the technology has been slow to deliver on that prospect.

VR remains an excellent category when compared to the rest of the gaming industry. Despite all the excitement surrounding it, it remains somewhat of a mystery for many consumers. 

Although VR has yet to fulfil its potential, tech companies such as Sony, Facebook, and Valve are busy trying to push the industry forward, investing significant resources to develop VR hardware and games, as they believe the future of gaming will all be VR. Players will be able to immerse themselves in digital worlds replicating places from around the globe as well as new worlds entirely. This new method of interaction will allow game genres to become a far more immersive experience, whether that’s a racing simulator which makes you feel like you’re on the Monaco street race Track, or by playing casino games online that recreate the luxury of a glamorous Las Vegas casino.

Currently, some issues need to be addressed before virtual reality gaming becomes more widespread. The most obvious challenge is the clunky headsets and extortionate prices. Most VR headsets are heavy and must be tightly secured to a user’s face. It is not the most comfortable or enjoyable experience, and you get sweaty quickly with your energy sapped. 

Although there are clear limitations to VR, industry leaders remain hopeful about its future. The idea is that it won’t just be people playing alone at home with their own headsets, but it will become a much more social experience. Indeed, numerous VR games, like VR Chat and Rec Room, provide social experiences where users can interact in real-time. 

Augmented Reality

Perhaps the most pertinent recent example of the potential of augmented reality gaming is Pokémon Go, although it is yet to develop fully. Since launching, Pokémon Go has generated over $5 billion in sales and was most people’s first experience with AR. It is by far the technology’s biggest success story.

However, the long-term success of Pokémon Go is due only in part to its stature and the fact it is beloved by many globally. The key ingredient to its success is the game’s blend of virtual and real and the back-and-forth between digital characters and physical locations.

This could be one of the biggest reasons why AR is developing faster than VR. People want games that interact with reality and not entirely remove them from it. 

Ultimately immersive experiences are definitely the future of online gaming, and developers are sure to push the boundaries to bring exciting developments for players.