Ward Nipper Illustrations

Chicago based artist/graphic designer Ward Nipper, just sent us a group of his fashion illustrations to review and obviously we love them! In his bio Ward says, “When I grew up I was convinced that drawing was my destiny. I was good at it and was encouraged to draw by my parents and art teachers in school. But the true proof of my connection to drawing was being named Ward. D-r-a-w spelled backwards.” Pretty damn cute, no?

Nowadays graphic design takes up most of his professional life and illustration/drawing has become more of a hobby. His work definitely takes on a lot of similar characteristics to that of Egon Schiele, especially in the gesture and line quality, but he is first to admit his influences from portraitists in the 19th century. “This usually appears in the quality of the marks on the page and how they can quickly and loosely describe something specific about a face or a gesture. I love that part of drawing—the unconscious moments that result in something magical. I hope you can see at least a glimpse of this magic in the pieces presented here.”