Volvo is Fighting Plastic Pollution with a ‘Living Seawall’

In their effort of becoming more and more sustainable, Volvo has been working on a great project to help fight against the plastic pollution. To combat urbanization and pollution in the Sydney Harbor, Volvo Australia installed fifty of their Volvo Living Seawall – made of tiles designed to mimic the root structure of mangrove trees this seawall turns into a viable marine habitat that attract filter-feeding organisms.

Statement from Volvo:

One garbage truck of plastic enters the world’s oceans every minute, and more than half of Sydney’s shoreline is artificial. Rich, vibrant habitats have been replaced with seawalls and degraded by plastic pollution.

The Volvo Ocean Race has been hosting beach clean-ups all over the world to help combat plastic pollution. But while they’re important, beach clean-ups alone aren’t enough to save our oceans.

There’s so much plastic in the ocean that scientists say it’s simply not feasible to remove it all. Tearing down seawalls isn’t viable either. Solving environmental issues requires modern, divergent thinking.

That’s why we’ve partnered with the Sydney Institute of Marine Science and Reef Design Lab to create the Living Seawall.