Dan Lam’s Modern Optical Illusion

Some of the pieces might make you feel kind of nervous, some might actually seem appealing. Lam’s works often look like modern versions of what you would describe as optical illusions, a few might even assume it’s digital art. The sculptures are in fact made with the base of polyurethane foam on top of a metal framework.

The artist finds her first compositions in motifs and geometries found through nature, flesh, foods and the human body. While this loose idea for the physical structure is the start, the actual outcome is usually unexpected because of the unpredictable nature of foam and the influences by gravity. The following steps are adding the many layers of acrylic paint and depending on the desired finish sometimes resin.

If it either invites or repels the viewer it seems like the seductive sculptures are begging to be touched. I can’t wait to see these pieces in the “flesh”.