TrendWatch: Piece d’Anarchive S/S 2012 Collection

Virginie Muys and sisters Deborah and Priscilla Royer are the Trio behind hot new french label Piece d’Arnachive. An interesting name mixing two different terms: Anarchy and Archive – The word Archive in reference to the expertise and the French heritage of tailoring techniques, and Anarchy for their envy to disrupt the conventions. “This name was born from our desire to juxtapose two opposing concepts, Anarchy and Archive, to strengthen them and create our own identity” A beautiful knitwear collection for you ladies and definitely a brand to watch!

“My work as a designer is deeply marked by the imprint of  Vivienne Westwood. I had the chance to learn at her side her particular conception of the cut, her sense of volumes, her diversions of the codes such as the tweed, the tartan, the corsets, her unexpected color combinations, her disproportionate scales, her XXL prints, her specific references to art history. My very French approach of the couture has been sharpened by her uniqueness and her British chaotic vision” Say Priscilla

Deborah Royer, Virginie Muy and Priscilla Royer

Direction artistique :
Réalisation vidéo : Kurt Stallaert
Musique : Flesh
Chorégraphie / Direction de modèles : I could never be a dancer.

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