TrendWatch : Niels Peeraer

Written by Guest Blogger Ada Alti

Niels Peeraer created a pastel-colored fairytale about a boy who prepares himself every day to marry his imaginary boyfriend, while wearing his grandmother’s couture jackets, eating sweets and playing videogames. All that, wrapped around tweed, fake fur, tulle, sequined silk and killer leather accessories.
Fun fact? For collection was highly uninspired of six-feet-tall men with sixpacks, but instead by a very feminine Asian boy, while his main goal was to blur the boarders between women’s and men’s collections. Something he indeed achieved, as his collection became an instant hit and won 5 awards, among them the Momu award and an excibition at the MoMu Fashion Museum.

“I’m confused, I’m sitting here on the sofa, the heart my boyfriend drew on the mirror is still there, my heart in a rice cooker. I think I’ll marry him again at lunch. My cat is sleeping but it’s already been four days. Well, I have to go to the supermarket anyway. Guess technology isn’t ready for pancake teleportation.” On this diary entry, designer and Royal Academy in Antwerp graduate, Niels Peeraer, based his collection “Guess technology isn’t ready for pancake teleportation”.