Barrio Chino, Sydney

As I was surfing on the web I ran into this project, Barrio Chino in Sydney designed by Mandy Edge. I got really excited to see that one of my favorite spots in NY had expanded to Australia. It did not even occur to me that it could be a complete rip off of one of New York City’s dining institutions, just seemed like a no brainer. The lower east side is full of Aussie’sĀ  who frequent Barrio Chino and I figured a nice little partnership has worked out from all those meals. It turns out that someone had the nerve to not only take he concept but also appropriate the name.

When I called Barrio to find out some more info they told me they heard about it but it had nothing to do with them. I know that everyone everywhere borrows and even copies from things they see but it is quite shocking to see examples as blatant as this one. I have not tasted the food but the atmosphere can not compare in any way to the original Barrio Chino.

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