TRENDMIX 2012: Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk


The holidays are in full swing, and whether you are jetting across the globe to a far away destination or indulging your Christmas/Apocalypse/Kwanzaa/?? cheer at home, there is something for everyone to love on our year end Trendmix, Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk.  Included in the set are a few throwbacks to 2011, including The Touch’s Sermon which we loved this year, and as many of the 2012 hits which we can’t seem to get off of repeat. If you haven’t heard them already, check out Get Free from Major Lazer featuring Amber of the Dirty Projectors, igniting the dancehall sound to new levels this year, as well as one of the year’s best covers, Chet Faker’s No Diggity, and our top hip hop hit for the year, Theophilus London’s Big Spender.  Also be sure to check out our exclusive interview with French DJ champs C2C.  Happy holidays, be well, and easy listening!  See you in 2013.

TRENDMIX 2012: Don’t Cry Over Spilt Milk

[mp3-jplayer tracks=”1-Toxic-Mark-Ronson.mp3, 2-Thirteen-Thirtyfive-Dillon.mp3, 3-Blue-Jeans-RAC-Remix-Lana-Del-Rey.mp3, Tear-It-Down.128.mp3, 5-Goooo-TNGHT.mp3, 8-FUYA-C2C.mp3, 9-Wash-My-Hands-Kormac.mp3, 10-Solar-Flare-Guilhaume-The-Coutu-Dumonts.mp3, Sermon.mp3, 11-Lets-Go-All-The-Way-Citizens.mp3, 12-Not-Giving-In-Bondax-Remix-Rudimental.mp3, 14-Say-my-name-Cyril-Hahn-Remix.mp3, 15-Down-The-Road-C2C.mp3, No-Diggity.mp3, No-Diggity.mp3, Get-Free-feat_-Amber-of-Dirty-Projectors.mp3, 16-Too-Close-Alex-Clare.mp3, 17-Tip-Tapping-Dillon.mp3, Big-Spender-Ft.-ASAP-Rocky.mp3, 18-Do-The-Swamp-Puppetmastaz.mp3, 19-Look-At-Me-Now-Chris-Brown-ft.-Lil-Wayne-Busta-Rhymes-Cover-by-Karmin.mp3, 20-The-Look-Metronomy.mp3, 21-Stand-High-Patrol-Brest-Bay.mp3, 22-Howl-Junip.mp3, 23-Watching-Over-You-Aluna-George.mp3, 24-Angles-Nicolas-Jaar.mp3″]

Mark Ronson feat. Ol Dirty Bastard: “Toxic”
[mp3j track=”1-Toxic-Mark-Ronson.mp3″]

Dillon: “Thirteen Thirtyfive”
[mp3j track=”2-Thirteen-Thirtyfive-Dillon.mp3″]

Lana Del Rey: “Blue Jeans (RAC Remix)”
[mp3j track=”3-Blue-Jeans-RAC-Remix-Lana-Del-Rey.mp3″]

Avan Lava: “Tear It Down”
[mp3j track=”Tear-It-Down.128.mp3″]

TNGHT (Hudson Mohawke x Lunice):Gooo “
[mp3j track=”5-Goooo-TNGHT.mp3″]

[mp3j track=”8-FUYA-C2C.mp3″]

Kormac: “Wash My Hands”
[mp3j track=”9-Wash-My-Hands-Kormac.mp3″]

Guillaume & The Coutu Dumonts: “Solar Flare”
[mp3j track=”10-Solar-Flare-Guilhaume-The-Coutu-Dumonts.mp3″]

The Touch: “Sermon”
[mp3j track=”Sermon.mp3″]

Citizens!: “Let’s Go All The Way”
[mp3j track=”11-Lets-Go-All-The-Way-Citizens.mp3″]

Rudimental: “Not Giving In (Bondax Remix)”
[mp3j track=”12-Not-Giving-In-Bondax-Remix-Rudimental.mp3″]

Hermitude: “HyperParadise (Flume Remix)”
[mp3j track=”13-HyperParadise-Flume-Remix-Hermitude.mp3″]

Destiny’s Child: “Say My Name (Cyril Hahn Remix)”
[mp3j track=”14-Say-my-name-Cyril-Hahn-Remix.mp3″]

C2C: “Down The Road”
[mp3j track=”15-Down-The-Road-C2C.mp3″]

Chet Faker: “No Diggity”
[mp3j track=”No-Diggity.mp3″]

Major Lazer: “Get Free (feat. Amber of Dirty Projectors)”
[mp3j track=”Get-Free-feat_-Amber-of-Dirty-Projectors.mp3″]

Alex Clare: “Too Close”
[mp3j track=”16-Too-Close-Alex-Clare.mp3″]

Dillon: “Tip Tapping”
[mp3j track=”17-Tip-Tapping-Dillon.mp3″]

Theophilus London: “Big Spender (feat. A$AP Rocky)”
[mp3j track=”Big-Spender-Ft.-ASAP-Rocky.mp3″]

Puppetmastaz: “Do The Swamp”
[mp3j track=”18-Do-The-Swamp-Puppetmastaz.mp3″]

Chris Brown feat. Lil Wayne, Busta Rhymes: “Look At Me Now (Karmin Cover)”
[mp3j track=”19-Look-At-Me-Now-Chris-Brown-ft.-Lil-Wayne-Busta-Rhymes-Cover-by-Karmin.mp3″]

Metronomy: “The Look”
[mp3j track=”20-The-Look-Metronomy.mp3″]

Brest Bay: “Stand High Patrol”
[mp3j track=”21-Stand-High-Patrol-Brest-Bay.mp3″]

Junip: “Howl”
[mp3j track=”22-Howl-Junip.mp3″]

AlunaGeorge: “Watching Over You”
[mp3j track=”23-Watching-Over-You-Aluna-George.mp3″]

Nicolas Jaar: “Angles”
[mp3j track=”24-Angles-Nicolas-Jaar.mp3″]

image Anna Pogossova