The Touch: Sermon

      2. Sermon

Swedish avante-pop just upped the rent for its roommate minimalist as The Touch garnish their sound forward experiments with Sermon.  Released last year (Kitsuné), the track has sparked a refresh with the new video, as Sermon drops as a forerunner to the band’s fresh MO along the lines of stepping out of yourself to find your within. 

High voltage and circuit bending, the high North electro squad hits all the sweet lows for a melancholic Sermon, drifting through a more technical Röyksopp and the waifs of Trentemøller, while plugging in their own caveman aura to cast a different musical spell. Olov, Lina, Johan, Andreas have been pushing beat and emotion beyond the surface since 2006, carving out a space for serenity in the absence of silence. In other words, nobody stands still to their sounds yet the music generates a sense of motionless euphoria in its reach for ease by means of pulsating sidesteps. Perhaps the lazy review would read: It’s just one of those songs you have to hear. And it is, but this one will undoubtedly extract more. Regardless, a listen requires the right mood, some rich headspace, and an abundance of literal headspace for the beat-abiding bobs.

In part with their more recent single “All I Find” (Palms Out Sounds) the two are quoted as sharing “the lament of a stifling culture and seems to express a state of playing dead in order to stay alive. These songs aren’t of the kind that gathers a flock around it, but rather lure those who mean to leave the flock. The music of The Touch marks the plague of civilization.” Dig in.

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