Chet Faker: No Diggity

      1. No Diggity


The new prince of down tempo, Australian artist and producer, Chet Faker turns Blackstreet’s “No Diggity” into an even sexier tune–if you can imagine the possibility. Basically, Dr. Dre and Blackstreet stepped into a hypothetical elevator with Faker and came out with the elevator music version of an R&B  classic. “I like the way you work it” is absolutely right.

      2. I'm Into You

Melbourne-bred Nick Murphy takes on a slightly modified Chet Baker moniker consistent with the sensual subtleties and relaxed vocal demeanor shared by both artists, separated by only a generation. Although this particular Chet does not adopt quite the jazz-ridden genre of his title-inspired predecessor, Faker keeps the downbeat, cool school real. No faking involved, despite what his self-deprecating namesake may imply. Among “No Diggity” on his debut album, Thinking In Textures, is “I’m Into You,” yet another track featuring fragile vocals and serpentine bass-lines. Faker doesn’t miss a beat in terms of originality.  With great depth, the textures he so eclectically assembles lay back and win over ears with seemingly simple melodies fit for a hotel lounge–a lounge in which the standard dance move happens to be R&B-inspired grinding. Grind to this. We’re into it!