TrendHome: Penthouse Duplex Loft [New York ]

This dreamy New York loft (listed at $19.5M) was designed by renowned Architect Michael Haverland.  He cleverly used industrial conduits and materials (concrete, steel, walnut finishes, natural light, and hand-blown glass) to create a very clean and luminous modern look, while managing to keep the volume of the space and harnessing a warm environment.

The penthouse duplex here is actually two penthouse apartments combined into one 8,100-square-foot space whose sprawl is only augmented by the sixteen-foot ceilings.

It contains one of three indoor wood-burning fireplaces, and a private entrance to the terrace.

This part of the extensive outdoor space looks north and west, with a good view of the goings-on at Palazzo Chupi (that pink building). This is one of two outdoor fireplaces

All photo byCarl Wooley

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