TrendHome: Alessandro Capellaro loft installed in a Carpentry [Florence]

In Florence, the architect Alessandro Capellaro conceived an unusual place, entirely flexible, in an old carpenty with exceptional volumes. When he discovered the woodwork at the back of an alley, Capellaro had a click. He immediately knew and saw what he could imagine for the place: “I transposed myself immediately. The images of the place transformed into a home superposed over the unromantic setting of this workshop.” What for him is obvious, for us is like a stroke of genius: structuring the space with 300 wooden crates, found in a flea market.

This concept gives free rein to the imagination of Alessandro that modulates the space, creating unique pieces of furniture: bookcases, chests, coffee tables, desk, shelves, kitchen plan …

The kitchen and guest bedroom are separated by the stacked wooden crates. Slipped in the middle of this accumulation, a bright orange 50’s cabinet and on top his glass collection from the 50’s and 70’s.

Despite this mixture of styles and materials, the architect Alessandro Capellaro wanted to keep the soul of the place: “I avoided the excesses of materials for free circulation and preserve the memory of the place. “

“I like the idea of movement (…), the modular furniture. I want to move any item and recreate the space in the blink of an eye.”

Thank you to Marie Claire Maison (Paris)