Trendhome : Brazilian Getaway in Trancoso

This year thus far, I will be making two trips to Brazil. As I gear up for these trips I am getting inspired by destinations north and south to visit after my work is done. Trancoso is a place I have been trying to get to for a few years now, so it is really no wonder that this beautiful and eclectic home featured in the last issue of Elle Decor has presented itself to me. This is the beach house getaway of interior decorator Sig Bergamin, a place only for family and very close friends.

The design mixes traditions of many different cultures. Bergamin is an avid antique collector and importer of furniture and art. His beach house in Trancoso is completely different than his home in Sao Paulo.

“Many people tend to be insecure or indecisive about decorating,” Bergamin says. “I try to mix colors and patterns whenever possible. I also have no problem mixing things from all over the world. That is one of my signatures as a designer. Perhaps that is why today I have four dogs named Africa, America, Asia, and China,” said Bergamin.