Tourist: Placid Acid

Listen to “Placid Acid” here

      1. Placid Acid


A song can sing a thousand words, but Tourist‘s “Placid Acid” has to sing for itself. Not one lyric reaped could sow such a stammeringly psychedelic vibe: And so, there are none. Just waves behind a control pad and midi-keyboard. What a testament to this generation’s new-found appreciation for the beauty, and uses of technology. Brighton-based, Will Phillips simply places a hit-and-snap dance on his pop-laden experiment, a clue to his remix collabarations with artists like Ariel Pink’s Haunted Graffiti and the beloved, Yeasayer.

Just as not much is said at all vocally throughout the single, not much has been said about this new artist, who’s debut EP is due out on Make Mine Records next month. However, the extremely underground, under-represented artist and his to-be-released work is anticipated by all at Trendland. Stay tuned for more from Tourist!