Toro Y Moi : Talamak & Blessa

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      1. 08 Talamak

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Toro Y Moi

Toro Y Moi is 23 year old Chaz Bundick of South Carolina. At first listen his music might fall into the chill wave/glo-fi genre that has been made so popular over the past year by artist such as Washed Out and Neon Indian, but personally, I think Bundick transcends the genre’s distinct sound. Yes, the Electronic/Psychedelica elements are there, but if you listen deeper you will find traces of R&B, Indie Rock and even Hip Hop throughout the very layered tracks Bundick produces.

“Talamak” is the single from Toro Y Moi’s up-and-coming Carpark debut, Causers of This, which is to be released on February 2nd. This track is definitely catchy… I had it on straight repeat for a month after I first heard it. With it’s nice melodies over a solid beat, synths and choppy vocals this should be one to get stuck in your head as well.


“Blessa” is the blissed-out second single in where the Animal Collective influences are obvious, but in a very good way. I felt the need to include this second track, as it has been pouring in LA for a week straight, and “Blessa” seems like a straight up prayer call for a breezy summer day. There was just a video released for this track and you can catch it here (via Pitchfork).

Listen to “Blessa” Here

      2. 01 Blessa

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Toro Y Moi

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