Toro Y Moi So Many Details x

Toro y Moi: So Many Details

Toro y Moi’s recently dropped single and EP “So Many Details” (released Nov 23) is a beautifully crafted collabo of Chaz Bundick and Hodgy Beats, portraying layered beats with an urban undertones.

      1. So Many Details

      2. So Many Details Remix feat. Hodgy Beats

The third coming LP “Anything In Return” isn’t set to release until January 2013, but the new single is a luring hint of what’s to come from the South Carolina native. The apple didn’t fall far from the tree with this release hinting resemblance to past beats, yet the single sheds light on the idea of overlapping realms of music within the same song. The lyrics still reflect on a sensual needy-ness which makes Toro’s music relatable, honest, and easy to keep on repeat.

Written by Guest Blogger Dana Kelly