Throwback Thursday: Peter Tosh

Written by Guest Blogger Dana Kelly

As if being one of the godfathers of reggae wasn’t a big enough accomplishment, Peter Tosh can also add brilliant singer/songwriter/composer to name a few. Oh yeah – not to mention being one of the founding members of the Wailers…just to top it off. Devoted Rastafarian, he used his music to channel adversity and promote equal rights.

      2. Wanted Dread and Alive


Despite ample run-in’s and beatings by law officers, Tosh persevered to bring his music to an international audience breaking away from the Wailers and embarking on a solo career in 1976. In “Wanted Dread and Alive” we can understand his struggle with adversities of the time – as racial discrimination and prejudice were strongly prevalent in the late 1970s. Back then, radio even slapped a ban on Tosh’s hit “Legalize it” – which is now a modern day ganja anthem. Reggae has been on our radar for a while and amazing bands/artists like Black Uhuru, Steel Pulse, and Junior Gong can all pay homage to the Rasta foundation laid by Tosh in the early stages of his career. With that said, light up your favorite smokeable and enjoy this throwback jam in the name of Rastafari.

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Dana Kelly

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