Throwback Thursday: Jacno


Before Phoenix, Daft Punk, there was Jacno.  The founding member of Stinky Toys, teamed up with Elli, who was from the band as well, to form the French electropop duo Elli et Jacno.

      1. Elli et Jacno: Je t'aime tant

It all started in high school. There, Denis Quilliard took the pseudonym Jacno and met the beautiful Uruguayan girl Elli Medeiros. Together, inspired by the birth of punk music they formed the band Stinky Toys, a success in the UK, but not in France. They split up and Denis then decides to explore synthesizers. Influenced by Kraftwerk and Musique Concrete, he takes a new direction in his career, together with Elli. The duo released 3 albums, along with many singles. Unfortunately, they split up, but Jacno carried on working as a producer! In our throwback, we feature the love groovy track “Je t’aime tant“.