The Universe Within – A Healing Stay at Kosmos [South Korea]

With the increased search for positive luxury experiences by a new breed of world nomads, aiming to unwind in a conscious, elegant, sustainable and holistic way, there has been a flourishing worldwide of mindfully created hotels in exciting destinations.

South Korea is fast becoming the next go to destination – dazzling scenery, islands, 5,000-year-old temples and an exquisite design conscious culture that flourishes on busy city streets.

The mysterious Island of Ulleungdo, a scenic journey east of Seoul, is the location of a Kosmos – a stay that is as otherworldly designed as its location of volcanic peaks, earthen energies, mystical rocks and endless untamed seas.

The Kosmos Hotel, envisioned by Seoul based architects The System Lab, has curled snow-white walls that swoop and swirls like a vortex of energy – yin & yang. The interiors of the luxury hotel resemble the shape of giant seashells and the minimal tone permeates the storytelling of this holistic tale of universal connection.

The luxurious villas have views of the ancient forests, the island’s pristine haul of sea-waves and the magnificent Elephant Rock. Rooms count with high and round ceilings and state of art technology, introducing the guest to modern and traditional elements such as the local Ondol room style – a Korean under floor heating system that uses direct heat transfer from wood smoke underside a thick masonry floor.

The cuisine is commanded by former El Bulli and Noma chef Sunjin Hwang and allures the palate with an array of surprising fresh local ingredients.

A stay at Kosmos is aimed to promote the luxury of connecting to the present moment – long walks through the forest and magical night skies included.


I wanted KOSMOS a container of ‘energy’ rather than a simple building.

Achitect Prof. Kim Chan Jung