Atelier Aveus New Collection Showcased in Surreal 3D Architecture by Six n Five

Inspired by the work of Edward Hopper, Jim Jarmush or John Register, the French design brand Atelier Aveus latest furniture collection, “Onto the road, into the night” focuses on this philosophical theme of the wait as an introspective condition that has its own aesthetic and visual codes.

After an immersive conceptual and visual study, they decided to work with one of our favorite 3D studio, the Barcelona based, Six n Five.

Each furniture of their new collection about the wait, has been placed into narrative and poetic visuals, mixing strange architectural configurations, soft colours and symbolic objects, these visuals represent emotional sanctuaries for those who have, failed to find their home in the ordinary world, waiting for something to happen…

With this collection, feelings triggered by the wait, such as contemplation, distortion of time and passivity, are translated unto these three pieces of furniture, the chairs, lamp and mirror. The whole set together displays an uncanny scene offering a kind of alienated poetry.

People who are waiting “Are not opponents of home per se; it is symply that in a variety of undefined ways, home appears to have betrayed them, forcing them out into the night and onto the road”