The Messengers : Baby Wont You Come Back…

Listen to “Baby Wont You Come Back Into My Life” Here

      1. the messengers-baby wont you come back into my life


Whilst there is never a lack of great new music coming out of Melbourne, one of the most exciting new acts to grace the multitude of music venues are The Messengers and their debut single Baby.

With their retro Beatles-esque vibe, the boys have created a sound that captures the ‘easy days’ feeling of their past influences whilst adding a modern note that is entirely their own.

Lyrically this song has a tongue in cheek humor which suggests the modesty these boys have in regards what they create, and also delivers the lyrical hook, “baby wont you come back into my life” (in this case about the girl who got away) that is paramount for those great songs that get oh-so delightfully stuck in your head.

Their sound has a laid-back rock delectability that makes you want to listen to their CD on repeat whilst smiling euphorically.

The debut single by The Messengers, who are currently unsigned, can be purchased from itunes or streamed from their Facebook page.