Gucci Museum to Open in Florence

September 28, the Gucci Museo opens in Florence, culminating a year of celebrations marking the fashion House of Gucci’s 90th anniversary, located inside the medieval Palazzo della Mercanzia in Florence’s Piazza Signoria, the museum sprawls across 18,500 square feet of exhibition space and holds a permanent archive of Gucci history, art installations sponsored by the Pinault Foundation, a shop, a Rizzoli bookstore, and a cafe which serves locally sourced food and drink.

“As Gucci turns 90 this year, I felt it was the right moment to inaugurate our own space, where hidden treasures would be open to public viewing for the first time,” said Gucci creative director Frida Giannini, who conceived the idea for a Gucci museum. “In this way the Gucci Museo will both conserve and celebrate the most significant moments in the history of the House, providing an official account of its origins, evolution and cultural influence.”


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