The LUMA Projection Arts Festival [Binghamton]

Founded to showcase the work of leading international creatives, The LUMA Projection Arts Festival, in its fifth year, is the only festival in the United States to focus primarily on projection mapping, a visual 3D story-telling artform that projects intricate videos onto buildings or objects of various shapes and sizes.

LUMA takes over Binghamton’s, New York, transforming it into an enormous outdoor art gallery full of color, light and sound using powerful projection technology and 3D animation. With more than 45,000 attendees, visitors can expect local landmarks to turn into well-known monuments and new imaginings. This year, mythology, space and humans’ relationship with nature will be at the forefront of the experience.

Free to the public, the festival is one of few entities striving to make this complex artform accessible to the public.

Featured Spotlight

Onionlab and Xavi Bove’s latest work

Two global talents, Onionlab and Xavi Bove, will collaborate to bring their modern-day interpretation of one of the most iconic minimalist statement pieces in history to Binghamton, New York.

Barcelona based Onionlab has built a global reputation through their experiential think-pieces presented in a mixed media format. Onionlab places viewers within transposed environments designed to deliver emotion evoking experiences that convey important key themes and messages. To elevate their latest work to the next level, they have teamed up with fellow Spaniard, Xavi Bove, who brings a breathtaking approach to audio integration and has an impressive resume from his time as Opera Video Director at the heralded Gran Teatre del Liceu Opera House in Barcelona. Bove specializes in the relationships between light and sound and is an integral part of creating this other-worldly subterranean experience using bold audio techniques and an original score.

The Inspiration

In 1965, famed minimalist composer, Steven Reich, created the much-studied piece, “It’s Gonna Rain” while drawing inspiration from a street preacher using the flood from the Noah’s Arc narrative to draw comparisons to a looming global nuclear war. The resulting work, a nearly 18-minute two channel minimalist music composition consisting of two looped magnetic tapes, introduced the world to a sound manipulation technique now known as phasing.

The New Piece: Phasing Rain

Onionlab and Xavi Bove have drawn inspiration from this work and applied this once-doomsday scenario from the 60’s to current day elements, creating a mixed media expression that highlights today’s global plight: Global Warming.

Unlike their other projects, this piece will be a subterranean walk-through experience that will position each guest to encounter the art in their own way. The duo is transforming a brutalist underground parking garage into a visual and audio representation of the existential threat of global warming. Together, they will put viewers at the very center of the storm using their mastery of lighting and sound design for a spectacular new walkthrough installation. Whereas Reich so famously used phased two channels to build atmosphere, Phasing Rain will immerse you in 26 unique channels of audio, with an original score by Spanish composer Zincman. Light refraction to reveal ripples and trickles of water will join with sound present the ultimate juxtaposition, that between life and death.

LUMA took place on September 6-7, 2019.
Support for this festival was provided by Market New York through I LOVE NY, the New York State Division of Tourism as a part of the Regional Economic Development Council awards.