The Jaffa Hotel [Tel Aviv]

When modern luxury meets 19th Century grandeur

Jaffa is the oldest know port in the world – a magical place that translates the adventurous and brave history of the Middle East. Definitely one of my favorite neighborhoods in Tel Aviv with its cobbled streets, youthful nightlife and a cool Israeli vibe that permeates the curiosity and entrepreneurship that lives in the narrow streets full of vibrancy.

A walk by the port itself or the very flirtatious sea side walk – fish restaurants and independent bars alight – shows the wonderful mix of ancient and modern; heritage and the new; luxury and barefoot causality. The first luxury hotel of its kind, The Jaffa is located within the walls of a 19th century complex that once housed Jaffa’s French Hospital. The Jaffa provides unrivaled exclusivity in one of the most ancient and remarkable destinations in Tel Aviv.

Surrounded by the city’s most fashionable neighborhood and just minutes from the beach, The Jaffa provides a perfect blend of service, style, and state-of-the-art luxury.

Designed by renowned architect John Pawson in collaboration with Ramy Gill, the duo transformed the original structure into a blend of modern-meets-historic, while remaining true to the original building’s heritage and visual details.

The Chapel Bar is one of Tel Aviv’s most stylish and party-hard nightspots, painstakingly restored from its days serving the School of the Sisterhood of St. Joseph. This magnificent space features recessed stained-glass windows, arched ceilings, and ornate plasterwork details.

The Jaffa Hotel inspires an immersion in the culture of this dynamic land – a in the moment presence that allows the guest to ‘live’ the location like no other.

The Jaffa Hotel