Music for Plants Disappearing

Music for Plants Disappearing, a two person exhibition featuring the work of Brooklyn-based artist Heidi Norton and Providence-based artist Tony Balko. Taking its name from a 1970s series of electronic “plant music” projects (exemplified by Mort Garson’s, Plantasia), the works in this exhibition are connected through an interest in natural phenomenon, New Age aesthetics, and a desire to amplify the fluidity of images through imposing spatial and lens-based visual trickery. Here the static impression of the picture plane is assaulted or deconstructed in order to make way for the emotive qualities of color and texture, in anticipation of warmer days to come.

In Norton’s mixed-media investigations, elements such as wax, resin, and plant matter are suspended within prepared glass and acrylic sheets, often employing art-historical perspectival motifs alongside New-Age inspired geometries.

Images align and dissolve in forced perspective to produce complex color and material relationships within the picture plane. The viewer is placed in the space of the photographer, creating the “fixed image.” Differing from Norton’s photographic images, here the viewer must simultaneously look on and through the works from an anterior perspective.

Norton teases the relationship between image and object– that they are often fluid, cyclical and malleable, where the constant latency/fluxus nature of ecology is revealed.