Bohinc Studio’s Geometric Furnitures + Collab’ with Kasthall

In dazzling geometry, British designer Lara Bohinc, founder of London-based Bohinc Studio, got inspired by the beauty of Japanese zen gardens for her rug collaboration with Kasthall. Two studies with two different cultures that come together, giving voice to artisanal tradition, expressing themselves through playful geometry.

The Bohinc Studio x Kasthall collection consists of two rugs, two tapestries and a series of decorative pillows, created to express the high quality of the linen and wool yarn from Sweden, quilted together to form incredible color palettes.

Contrasts and asymmetries become protagonists in these soft, three-dimensional paintings, in a continuous dialogue between one element and another, so clear as to create symmetry. Overall, Bohinc’s signature style is a mix of contradictions: bold yet light, graphic yet fluid, angular yet feminine.

A mark of her work is versatility. A passionate believer in the universality of good design, she always looks to bridge the divide across different mediums of furniture, objects jewelry and textiles.

Bohinc’s ability to create work with iconic beauty is rooted in her familiarity with materials and manufacturing approaches. While retaining a deep respect for the traditional principles of her craft, she has also drawn on her knowledge of industrial techniques, fusing modernity of style with function, to achieve a contemporary elegance.

The same principles apply in all of her designs – use of the finest materials, and an obsession with deconstruction and reconfiguration of pure geometric form.

Photography by Emil Fagander