“The Age of the Decadence” by Romina Ressia

Argentinian fine art photographer Romina Ressia started her series “The Age of the Decadence” in 2013 and six years later, still shooting her project (covered her in 2015). Ressia’s inspiration comes from daily life and how society acts today in reaction to contemporary issues. One of her main inspirations is the human evolution and the renaissance period.

Be sure to go see her solo exhibition at the House of Fine Art (HOFA) in London (5 – 19 June 2019). It will mark Romina Ressia’s first solo show in England.

Ph/Idea/Styling/Post: Romina Ressia
Prod: Barbara Midley
Ph Assist: Alessandra Archimio
Hair & MUA: Mery Punta Raffo
Model: Cande Navarro
Designers: Carolina Muller & Maria Pryor