angela santana painting

Large Scale Paintings on Objectified Female Body by Angela Santana

The talented Brooklyn-based, Swiss artist, Angela Santana‘s work questions the objectified female body on the internet and creates gorgeous large scale oil paintings, based on the vast amount of illicit content online.

By shifting the object to become the subject, Santana’s works are empowering, substantial statements in oil that are powerful rather than pleasing. It’s a technique that combines digital painting with classical oil painting. By digitally disrupting the process, she comments on the male dominated industry and their depiction of women throughout history.
On a conceptual level, she questions the ethics of our behaviour online, the accelerated speed at which we consume imagery today, and how the mass of beauty, illicit and objectified imagery has helped shape and distort the perception of women in our collective consciousness. Santana emphasises the strength and permanence of her work through the medium of oil painting: An antagony to the fleeting digital thumbnail.