The Art of the Click at Beyond the Streets [Brooklyn]

Beyond the Streets is an exhibition currently in Williamsburg, NY curated by Roger Gastman which features over a hundred artists whose work displays different mediums that showcase street art, graffiti, and more. Since graffiti is temporary, the documentation is essential. Now we’re in an era of continuous swiping, Instagramming, and snapping. That second, or “The Art of the Click” is the exact moment and memory that we will have into the future.

A few of the photographers featured in Beyond the Streets include Maripol, Estevan Oriol, and Martha Cooper. These photographers play an important role in Beyond the Streets as they capture the memories that shape society in unprecedented ways.

We asked Gastman why he selected these particular photographers, and how they contributed to the streets or as we would say captured them. “All three photographers were included in Beyond The Streets because they have dedicated their lives to seeking out and documenting subcultures that have proven to become major cultural moments. “

Photography has been in existence for decades. If you want to know the events that happened in the last centuries, all you need to do is to visit a museum or any other historical collection point and see for yourself. As graffiti continues to become increasingly famous globally judging from the number of graffiti art on walls, streets, and other strategic places, it is crucial that we capture its preservation.

We must admit that graffiti is not only entertaining but also educative. Graffiti creates an aesthetic scene that is worth watching. The feeling is refreshing. Since we all know that graffiti is temporary as walls are repainted, re-structured, or demolished, the defining moment is to devise ways of preserving the memories for future generations.

It is at this point that we discover that graffiti photographers such as Martha Cooper, Estevan Oriol, and Maripol become instrumental personalities (Beyond The Streets). Therefore, for the sake of preserving the graffiti culture, photographers must capture every shot of the graffiti we can see around.