Temple Bags Collection

I’m really loving Temple Bag’s vintage military feel collection, especially their Ipad cases.  Their inspiration started with endless hours of searching through dusty warehouses. After hand-selecting the best vintage military pieces they are washed, cut, and stitched together, to create what they have called Temple Bags. Watch the video below to understand more what Temple Bags is about…

For spring 2011 ?Temple is launching their Men’s travel collection as well as an iPad focused computer accessories line.

Both owner Erwin Raphael McManus and designer Steve Opperman are committed to craftsmanship that expresses the uniqueness of each person and serves as an inspiration to live life wide awake. Whether that means salvaging and re- purposing WWII era materials or traveling to remote areas of the world to find beauty in the discarded and forgotten.

The bags are available today from Temple Bags’ online store. Or if you are a buyer contact Medium Concepts Showroom