Eliza Doolittle: Pack Up

Eliza Doolittle is not a freakishly-talented animal doctor; nor is she the speech-impeded protagonist of the popular film and Broadway play, My Fair Lady. However, she does take on a namesake that could imply associations with both. However, the London-born cutie did spent her blossoming years focusing on Broadway, starring in RSC adaptations of Les Miserables and The Secret Garden. Not shy of the lime light, the 22 year-old Doolittle has been performing since the age of eight and comes with a non-nonchalant ease on-camera (just peep her darling videos).

Doolittle’s happy little jingle, “Pack Up” released with a UK boom last month and came along with her “piano bar meets theater” influence. This makes for a track with the ability to transcend time and genre. Her catchy, 1930’s sample reconciles perky golden oldies and modern flair. I wouldn’t call Doolittle an under-achiever, that’s for sure.

In the case that you just can’t get enough of Pack Up (below) and its mixed bag of genres, check out her other 2010-delivered hit, “Skinny Genes.”

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