Stefan Strumbel: The ‘Cuckoo’ Clockmaker

Stefan Strumbel exaggerates the traditional cuckoo clock with elements of urban art and pop art. Five years ago he decided to stop painting graffiti and concentrated on his art. Mostly known for his clocks he also works on all types of wooden masks and typical catholic crucifixes.

Cuckoo clocks are transformed into spray-painted sculptures.

“When I did graffiti, it was all about marking my territory,” he continued. “But then I started thinking that graffiti itself was more of a New York thing and that I should do something that was authentic to where I come from, the Black Forest.”

Strumbel’s clocks, which are based on traditional models but are adorned with grenades and handguns instead of rabbits and antlers, now sell through Galerie Springmann in Freiburg for $1,200 to $35,000 each.

Below are his work on crucifixes and wooden mask:

Recently The New York Times did a focus on Strumbel apartemnt in Germany.