J’aime mon Carre by Hermes

We told you that luxury brands are starting to be more and more involved in the internet. After social media/viral marketing micro site ‘The Art of Trench” by Burberry, it’s now Hermès that is copying giving it a shot with their newly launched ‘J’aime mon Carre‘. Surfing on the scarf trend, they created their own street style inspired photographs of ‘IT’ girls from London, Paris, NY and Tokyo.

A cool feature is their’Knotting Card’, which teaches you how to tie different knots.

What I would do differently:
* Focus on guys as well !! Girls are not the only ones who wear scarves. Especially since the foulard is menswear accessory staple, and coming trend is coming from every direction for men as well.
* Building a space where customers can upload their own version of wearing ‘Le Carre’

‘le carré’ is the French name of Hermès signature silk scarf.

I personally think its a little too inspired by the Burberry ‘Art of Trench’ concept site, but hey, we all know that the best thing that fashion industry is able to do is copy!

All pictures and video by Matt Irwin