Sølve Sundsbø and Charlotte Stockdale for The Just Kids Issue

Feeling youthful is finding joy and pleasure in everything you do, whatever your age.  Surely fashion photographer Sølve Sundsbø and i-D Fashion Director Charlotte Stockdale were feeling youthful as they popped the paint pot and got vivid for this video released in support of the Just Kids issue of i-D magazine. 


Curating the Curated: Red

Tuesday’s Curating the Curated Pantone inspired collage color was nude and today we thought we would carry on with the sensual theme and feature the luxurious color red. The images of the ‘Red sports car’, ‘The Ever Changing Face of Beauty by Solve Sundsbo’ and ‘Rasmus Mogensen’s Pictured Lips’ were the inspiration for this Pantone…

solve sunsbo-shoots Noomi Rapace-dazed-6

Sølve Sundsbø Shoots Noomi Rapace For Dazed Digital

Sølve Sundsbø has photographed Noomi Rapace for Dazed Digital, styled by Katie Shillingford.  Rapace, the star of Ridley Scott’s latest “Prometheus”, wears, among others, Irin Van Herpen, Gareth Pugh, Maison Martin Margiela, and Givenchy by Riccardo Tisci.

great british fashion stamp 6

The Great British Fashion Stamp Set

There’s something about the British that makes them sartorial sensations (think: prim hats, demure gloves, and Kate Middleton). So when something even as tiny as stamps come out, you can expect big names to jump on. The Great British Fashion Stamp Set, launched by


The Ever Changing Face of Beauty by Solve Sundsbo

The Ever Changing Face of Beauty by Solve Sundsbo is probably one of the most aesthetically appealing editorials I’ve seen in a long time! For the March issue of  W Magazine, Lara Stone is cut into four pieces and juxtaposed against men, animals and