Exhibition Magazine issue #1

We just received the gorgeous premier issue of the new annual publication, Exhibition magazine which launched in January 2011 during Haute Couture in Paris. This large format on beautiful thick glossy paper has been created for and from within the luxury industry, each issue is dedicated to one specific object or product. This first issue focuses on the LIPSTICK.

The theme is explored from multiple angles; as an object, as an idea, from a feminist point of view, industrially, politically, sensually, revealing, concealing, altering.
‘The lipstick is a commercial object yet full of symbols and symbolism. It is iconic, timeless, intimate and gene- rates plenty of fantasies,’

Richard Burbridge Series collaboration with Peter Philips:

At the cross-section of luxury, contemporary culture and art, EXHIBITION’S vocation is one that goes back to the very origin of magazines: to generate emotion, strong reactions, questions and debate.

More particularly, it is conceived as an in-depth study into specific objects that we may easily pass over, or take as common aspects of our industry today.

The contributors includes some of the biggest fashion/beauty photographer and make-up artists (and Trendland’s favorites) such as Richard Burbridge (collaboration with Peter Philips), Solve Sundsbo, Willy Vederperre and Guido Mocafico amongst other, were offered complete editorial freedom, restricted only by the specific theme of each issue.

Boris Ovini series:

Mark Segal series:

EXHIBITION is independently published and conceived by a team of creative collaborators: EDWIN SBERRO, GAEL HUGO, Creative Directors and BORIS OVINI, editor at large.

Available at Colette (online) and select international newsstand for 20 Euro

More info at www.exhibition-magazine.com & download Press Release here