You must check out SuperAlisa! SuperAlisa is from a Muslim from Tatarstan (Tatarstan declared independence on August 30, 1990 as a sovereign state and no longer a subject of USSR or Russian Federation), married to the Ahmed. She calls herself “Servant of Allah” and says doesn’t need any producer. She sing in Tatarian ( The Tatars , a Turkish related people from Niznij-Novgorod Russia arrived in Finland by families in the 19th century. The Tatarian language and culture have survived until the fourth and fifth generations while in Russia many Tatars have forgotten the language. There were 939 Muslim Tatars in Finland in 1980. In Finland Tatars, as well as the Jews, have been employed especially by trade and textile industry.) and Russian, and the imagery used in the videos is all related to the eastern and Arabic culture.

This is the SuperAlisa Track, self titled. It says it all.

Let’s continue our journey into modern Russian pop music. This songs name is “EVM” which means “PC” or Electronic Calculating Machine. It’s about a love of a girl and a PC.

And finally her Robots track…