LAGIRLSNY is a fresh new blog focused on a very niche concept born in New York. It highlights all the Angeleno girls who have migrated to Americas most exciting city, NY, and set up base doing whatever it is they do on mommy and daddy’s credit cards. LAGIRLSNY is a female focused lifestyle group with an interest in the creative connections shared between Los Angeles & New York, namely, people, fashion, art and entertainment. We seek out and identify talented girls creatively and culturally rooted between both cities and work with them as collaborative partners to expand their creative reach within both the physical and digital worlds through creative projects and our blog, “It’s like riding a bike”.

LAGIRLSNY was founded by Heron Preston one hot summer night in 2007 when he was hangin’ out with some cool girls from LA & NY. Later the idea was immediately brainstormed with Tracy Antonopoulos(red shirt) and critiqued by Omaima Salem(black boots).