Sunni Colón

Sunni Colón : Voyage/Lightyears

      1. Sunni Colón - Voyage/Lightyears (Demo)
      2. Sunni Colón - Jezebel - Sunni Colòn


22-year-old artist and producer Sunni Colón aka Thierry Tetsu is onto some really smooth Frank Ocean-esque magic. On “Voyage/Lightyears” the Los Angeles native take us through his motion starting with a more minimal and emotive “Voyage” which then leads into a bit more of an energetic display giving us his full range in true form. I’d say he’s got what it takes to catupult himself into the converstion amongst some of todays brightest. Definitely be sure to check out more from the young and promising Sunni Colón including his previous release “Jezebel”.