Stephanie Kloss Mid-century Inspired Photography

This vintage photography series entitled ‘ California Dreaming’ portrays a few of the most iconic Mid-Century Modern homes in California, taking you back in time for a road trip through West Coast’s most glamorous suburbs. Shot by German photographer Stephanie Kloss, the series depicts the Golden State during the 50’s and 60s, a period in which a stylish architectural revolution was starting.

Back then, Hollywood, Palm Springs and Beverly Hills were the place to be, and be seen. The mix of incredible wealth, warm weather and an abundance of movie stars transformed California into a hotspot for booming architects. Richard Neutra, John Lautner, E. Stewart Williams and Albert Frey were all drawn to the area, where they experimented with modernism and built enviable, daring homes for the Californian elite.


The houses’ clean lines, luscious lawns and turquoise swimming pools became the symbol of modernity and an internationally recognized representation of the American Dream.







About the artist:
Stephanie Kloss’ fascination with art and architecture is visible throughout her work. After earning a degree in Architecture at the Technical University of Berlin in 1994, she soon began postgraduate studies in Media Art at the Karlsruhe University of Arts and Design. There, she studied with Thomas Struth, Candida Höfer, and Marie-Jo Lafontaine. Her work has since appeared in countless solo and group exhibitions, most recently in the renowned Martin-Gropius-Bau in Berlin.