Stepdad: Must Land Running


      1. Must Land Running


In less than three and a half minutes, Stepdad wraps you in a cape and lofts you out a window with “Must Land Running”. The quintet will keep you soaring with their electropop energy as they unleash their debut LP “Wildlife Pop” (Black Bell Records) out June 12.

A melting pot of creatives, Stepdad has been fermenting their beat since early 2009 with their electropop/rock inception near Chicago (currently Grand Rapids), followed by their debut EP Ordinaire. Their melodies call forth an innocence of video games and lullabies with a pronounced rebellion of 80s and Swede-pop. This hybrid of material, paired with lyrical preservation and big live presence, has pounced the indie scene with a clean twist on experimentation.

“Since Mark and I have never really been in any serious bands before Stepdad we had to figure out how to put on a good show. We’ve had such a great response from our live shows which makes us feel really great.”- Ryan McCarthy

In late 2011, with the efforts of NYC buzz and the work of producer Chris Zane (Asobi Seksu, Ruby Frost, Les Savy Fav), the five-piece talent (Ryan McCarthy, Nathan Klages, Jeremy Malvin, Alex Fives, Ultramark) fearlessly continued layering modern pop as the onset of their latest work. Fit for smart ears, Stepdad extends the latitude of creativity to maintain a curious musical dexterity.

“The goal with this new album was to create a collection of really big pop songs that fit within the boundaries of the term ‘Wildlife Pop’… It’s our most complete musical vision so far and it came out exactly as we had hoped and we couldn’t be more proud of it…We have an amazing team of people behind us… All the right elements are in place for this album to really get out there in a big way. In the words of Tommy Wiseau, ‘That’s the idea!'”