Stella McCartney S/S 2012

Stella McCartney got it down pat when she described her collection with one word: “Summer!” As the official creative designer for the British Olympic Team in the 2012 games, her new collection for the year was definitely inspired by fitness, but had its share of breezy, lazy pieces, as well. The season’s tighter, curvier lines and all-over prints also balanced the trademark menswear aesthetic Stella is known for, making for a number of perfect Spring/Summer outfits.

Little swimmer-style slip dresses came in an assortment of patterns, including patchwork prints with colored lace licks at the hem, and athletic mesh separated by three-dimensional swirls. Think of them as this season’s LBD. And as a counterbalance to these tighter silhouettes came the much looser, fluid-like suit sets, flouncy polos, and summer shorts. The stand out pajama-like sets, a not-so-expected trend for the season, were made surprisingly wearable with a dose of head-to-toe retro prints of paisley and tiny dots.

And to underscore the entire look, some models strutted the runway in poolside sandals, giving the runway show the perfect casual summer vibe.