iPhone Finger Painting by Jorge Colombo

These New York paintings from Portuguese artist Jorge Colombo look like they could be watercolor on canvas, but they are actually digitally produced. No photo references, no tablets, no brushes to wash: just his finger on the tiny iPhone touch screen! Drawn on location using an iPhone app called Brushes. Pretty Amazing!

“I’m always trying to narrow down my set of tools, so compressing easel and paper, brushes and every possible color inside my pocket is quite appealing.”

“Brushes has limitations—I’ve been sticking to the older version (without layers) and working strictly from background towards foreground, which requires some discipline—but I love pushing a simple tool to its extremes.”

San Francisco:

More information at www.jorgecolombo.com – Buy his limited edition prints on 20×200 – Watch how it is made on video here