Spooky Black

Spooky Black : Is This Kid for Real?

Written by Zach Migdal

      1. Spooky Black - Ready Feat Bobby Raps


      2. Spooky Black - Without You - Lil Spook


Lil spook is the latest nebula to fall out of the night sky in meteoric fashion and crash-land on earth’s surface. He is a fresh-faced, do-rag & turtleneck clad white boy from St. Paul, Minnesota making extremely hot-blooded downtempo r&b. Emerging from a group of young artists in the 651 area code, Lil Spook’s heavenly voice stands out like a sore thumb. Lil Spook makes sad boy r&b that feels fantastic and he does it “draped in silk from head to toe”. The baby-faced vocalist has his sonic and visual style dialed-in and has people guessing…is this kid fo real? At first, we see the wardrobe of an over-sexed 90s r&b star dressed in all black turtle necks and 14kt gold christening chains on a white kid from the north-east but what I hear is the melodic tunes of modern troubadour. Quite the contradiction!


‘Ready’ ft. Bobby Raps is a uptempo collab and ‘Without You’ is more typical of his evocative sad boy style. Can’t wait to see what’s next for this prepubescent prince, some of his tracks have received 500,000 hits in only 1-2 months. It is only a matter of time before a major label or a powerhouse independent label swoop him up. Watch…drake will be texting him next week…and the week after he’ll be on The Money Team w TBE. Maybe not that soon but his kid has the potential to have a big time career.