Song of the Day: [10/13]

Röyksopp : This must be it (Thin White Duke Remix)


The Norwegian duo Royksopp never fail to amaze me when it comes to delivering fresh new innovative material. With accompanying vocals from Swedish singer Karin Dreijer of Fever Ray they have once again hit the mark. Since the album version of this track has been rampant all over the net this week ill freshen it up and introuduce you to the remix done by Jacques Lu Cont also know as Thin White Duke. His remix of Royskopp’s previous track “what else is there” is firmly one of my favorite tracks and he has done remixes for artists like Madonna, the Killers and Seal.  Anyway be sure to check out the other remixes and music video too!

Listen to “This Must be it” here

      1. 02-royksopp-this_must_be_it_(thin_white_duke_remix)

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