Song of the Day : [06/23]

Eels : That Look You Give That Guy

eels-hombre lobo

The EELS just dropped a new album under the name Hombre Lobo, worth a definite listen and download. I can not stop listening to “That Look You Give That Guy”, a sexy and melodramatic piece about love. It’s been four years since the double EELS album BLINKING LIGHTS AND OTHER REVELATIONSEels. If that album was about the human spirit, the new EELS album HOMBRE LOBO is about animal instinct. “I wanted to write a set of songs about desire. That dreadful, intense want that gets you into all sorts of situations that can change your life in big ways,” says EELS leader Mark Oliver Everett, aka E… P.S. What does the album cover remind you of? Cohiba Cigars by any chance?

Listen to “That Look You Give That Guy” Here

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