Soap from the Village People

This stand-out packaging by Luís Mendonça in collaboration with  Rui Mendonça for Alkymist’s soap collection is inspired by the typical Portuguese sheepherders. The women pictured on the soaps are the actual women who have collected the fruits (lemon, apple, orange and fig) to give these handcrafted soaps their fruity aromas. Same goes for the milk used to create the soap. There range includes cow, goat, donkey and sheep milk soaps.


These realistic photographs on the packaging create an immediate connection with the brand. Luís Mendonça is also responsible for JOSE Gourmet products and a trendy test tube set of teas. Check out this new line of soap and few of our other favorites.

The Coolest Soap Branding 1

The Coolest Soap Branding 2

The Coolest Soap Branding 3

The Coolest Soap Branding 4
Sardine Packaging
The Coolest Soap Branding5
Almond Packaging

The Coolest Soap Branding6

The Coolest Soap Branding7
Tea Packaging

The Coolest Soap Branding8

The Coolest Soap Branding9
Tee Shirt Packaging


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