Simulated Jungle Installation

Knowing the piece “Photoperiod” by Alex Czetwertynski is like remembering your dreams through crystalline, prismatic goggles. During its premiere at Day for Night, an art and music festival in Houston Texas December 2015, hypnotized audiences sat in front of the installation, melting into the dream tapestry of a plant commune.

“Photoperiod” traditionally describes the rate at which plants convert light into energy. Here it refers to the transformation of light into thought. A bio diverse wall of white plants surround a “window” that houses a hanging light bulb.

The plants are first disturbed by a noisy static bulb frying in and out, off and on. The plant’s “SSSHHHHHH!” the bulb and each other until the irritation dissolves into a backward falling rabbit hole of lights and a soundtrack designed by the artist. At the end of the dream we hear a man whistling, perhaps while he walks through a viney Peruvian jungle. And then the dream is over. We are again awake, but this time with insight of having come from a dimension to which we are normally not granted access.






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