Geometry is GOD by Material Lust

New York based artists, Lauren Larson and Christian Lopez Swafford are the creative minds behind Material Lust. The dynamic duo, who met at Parsons the New for Design, is fascinated with geometric shapes and aspire to design dark, sharp and somehow threatening designs using blackened steel and smoky glass. Their conceptual design can be interpreted as Oppressionism, a terme they have coined themselves. They define it as a blend of “heavy-handed theatrics with high design and its exploitation of uncomfortable and often pornographic imagery”. In every collection, Material Lust succeeds in creating a singular environment where provocative aesthetics meets performance.

Material Lust - Space - 01

Material Lust - Space-02

Material  Lust - Crepuscule Table Floor Lamp - 03

Material Lust - Duat Table Lamp - 04

Material Lust - Pagan Chair - 05

Material Lust - Space - 06